Want Lasik? Beauty Travels 24 Shares Why You Should Consider iLasik


Due to unfortunate circumstances, numerous people around the world suffer from blurry and poor vision. Because of technological advancements, laser-assisted surgery is introduced where individuals can now improve their visions without using contact lenses or eyeglasses.

LASIK is short for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, and it is performed on patients who want to improve their vision. iLASIK, on the other hand, is an almost similar process. The only difference between the two is the technology used and the concept of the individual treatment process.

The Advantages of Undergoing iLASIK Treatment

The iLASIK is for everyone. It promises to deliver the best vision to all patients. The technology being used has been tested and is considered safe and harmless. Beauty Travels 24, a health tourism agency that has been in the sector for 20 years, shares the advantages of having iLASIK performed on you.

People in respected and important professions have had it

Individuals who are part of the United States Army have iLASIK performed on them. People from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) also recommend this process. These people in highly critical professions have iLASIK performed on their eyes because they know the importance of having a good vision to effectively carry out tasks. To be good at their job, they must rely on good vision.

People whose jobs require them to be attentive and look carefully for details might want to undergo iLASIK surgery if they wish to have the best vision.

The process of iLASIK

The iLASIK treatment uses the most advanced technology. There are almost no side effects and the results are guaranteed to be exceptional. The iLASIK treatment heals faster and works for almost all kinds of patients.

The procedure begins when an instrument called Wavefront-3D scans for the genetic fingerprint of the eye. It is responsible for establishing the corneal ablation of the eye. Next, a second device that is designed to separate the corneal tissue called the Femtosecond laser is introduced. This is also used in implanting intracorneal ring segments to correct high corneal curvatures if the eye happens to have astigmatism.

Without having to cut the corneal flap, your customized eye treatment is made with the help of the Excimer laser system. It features an iris recognition that is beneficial when it is coupled with Waterfront Analysis data. The treatment can be more precisely tailored to the patient’s cornea compared to the traditional LASIK procedure.

Other benefits of undergoing iLASIK

With iLASIK, the corneal flaps are thicker, and the size of it can be adjusted better to deliver the best results. Since it uses the most advanced technology, iLASIK minimizes the risk of corneal abrasions while undergoing the procedure. The danger of developing astigmatism right after the process is also reduced.

iLASIK is beneficial for people who are born with relatively thin corneas. It is also recommended for those who have previously undergone refractive surgery. People who have high fluid pressure in their eyes are advised to have an iLASIK procedure.

With the iLASIK procedure that improves vision, patients can finally say goodbye to glasses and contact lenses. This is highly useful for physically active individuals and individuals who do not want to wear glasses and contact lenses to get the best vision.


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