Top Eye Doctor Reveals Lasik Surgery On the Rise Due to Pandemic


As new variants of COVID continue to keep millions of Americans social distancing and masked up, many bespectacled individuals are looking for a way out of the dreaded glasses fog. For those lucky enough to not have to deal with wearing glasses with a facemask … when the warm air from your mouth and nose escapes through the little gaps around the mask, it hits the cool surface of your eyeglasses and forms a blindingly annoying and unavoidable layer of moisture.

Many looking to escape the fog are now turning to corrective eye surgery in order to ditch their glasses completely. Dr James Kelly, a board-certified laser eye surgeon in NYC, tells The Blast ever since the COVID pandemic began his office has noticed very noticeable trends.

“We are seeing people getting frustrated with fogging of their glasses while wearing masks,” Dr. Kelly tells The Blast.

He adds, “Some patients are hesitant to use contact lenses so as not to infect themselves as they realize the only way to acquire Covid is through the nose or mouth or potentially the eyes. There are many people who have undergone a total life reevaluation and realize they want to take better care of themselves. They see celebrities and influencers living “their best life” and enjoying themselves to the fullest and they want to participate in that mindset.”

Celebrities Getting Lasik Treatment

Dr. Kelly adds that the first stop lots of his patients are making on that road to their “best life” is with better vision. “In many cases improving one’s vision is the first step in overall self-improvement.” He even recently performed surgery on Jordan Belfort, the inspiration behind the hit movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

It’s not just regular people looking for a boost in quality of life, as Dr. Kelly notes that many celebrities appear to have gone under the laser to receive corrective eye surgery.

“The list of celebrities who had Lasik is very large but some notable examples are Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift, Elton John, Tiger Woods, Michael Bolton, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Brad Pitt, and LeBron James,” Dr. Kelly explained.

New Innovations & Technologies

Dr. Kelly notes that eye corrective surgery has made some pretty incredible advancements in the past few years which deliver amazing results for patients. “The most exciting new technologies that I have introduced are SMILE and Visian ICL,” the doctor says, explaining that “SMILE  allows patients to resume their normal activities within hours of the surgery … and Vision ICLs allows the treatment of patients with very high prescriptions who were told previously that they were not candidates for vision correction.”

“This gives lots of hope for people who thought they had no options and it is a positively life-changing technology for people,” Dr. Kelly believes.
As for other interesting techniques and procedures, Dr. Kelly also performs eye-whitening procedures for those who have discolored areas of their eyes and are looking for a “cosmetically and aesthetically more pleasing look.”

I also perform an eye whitening procedure for people who have dark spots or red spots or who have discolored areas of their eyes and are looking for a cosmetically and aesthetically more pleasing look.

For more information visit Dr. Kelly’s website.


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