Sood Eye Care implants J&K’s first Trifocal IOL


Dr RD Sood interacting with media persons after performing surgery at Jammu on Wednesday.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, July 29: In the first feat in Jammu and Kashmir, Sood Eye Care Jammu conducted an advanced cataract surgery and implanted Trifocal IOL in patient’s eye by using Cold Phaco technique, that too within 10 minutes, here today.
A senior Government officer of J&K was diagnosed with a cataract and he consulted with Dr RD Sood, one of the top experienced Ophthalmologist of J&K. Dr Sood after performing some test suggested him to undergo Trifocal IOL Implant Surgery.
These latest-generation trifocals offer clear vision at middle distances, which is generally anything at arm’s length. This is in addition to providing near and far vision. Trifocal lenses allow a person to switch effortlessly between all three distances – near (reading) distance, long-distance, and in-between (intermediate) distances.
“These tiny implants replace the natural lens of the eye, which is removed during cataract surgery. However, these lenses were being used in metropolitan cities and now finally in Jammu,” Dr Sood claimed.
Dr Sood had performed the surgery without giving any local anaesthesia to the patient. The surgery was painless, stitch-less and bloodless and the patient tolerated the surgery well.
Talking with media, Dr Sood said that this surgery requires much patience and calmness not only in patients but also in doctors. He also said that the lens is very delicate and thin which requires a skilled doctor to implant in a patient’s eye. w


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