Some Doctors Are Getting Lasik Eye Surgery After Masks Cause Foggy Glasses


They’re on the front lines of the pandemic, but their glasses are giving them a big problem. Now, some doctors and nurses are opting for Lasik eye surgery to ditch their glasses and get a clearer view of their work.

Dr. David Hirsch is an anesthesiologist and says his cloudy glasses are a headache to deal with in the operating room.

“It made working there miserable,” Hirsch told Inside Edition.

Registered nurse Raquel Eng says it’s not just her glasses that fog up — so do the goggles and face shield she wears to protect against COVID-19 in her unit.

Lasik specialist Dr. Jeffrey Dello Russo said his New York City practice has been swamped with frustrated medical professionals.

“They came out in droves looking for an answer,” Dello Russo said.

Inside Edition was there as Hirsch and Eng got the procedure.

“Very quick, very low risk, incredibly effective and the recovery for the vast majority of people is just that evening after the procedure. So a lot of people actually went to work the following day,” Dello Russo said.

The average cost of Lasik is about $2,200 per eye.



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