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If you or a loved one is concerned about cataracts, take action: visit Omaha Eye & Laser Institute for an informed diagnosis.

Cataracts affect almost half of all adults by age 75 and develop in many adults as early as the age of 40. If you’re over 40, you should be aware of your heightened risk. For this reason, see your eye doctor for regular eye exams. These are some symptoms, but only your eye doctor can diagnose your cataracts:

• Blurry Vision

• Poor Night Vision

• Light Sensitivity

• Glare and Halos

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Serving the entire Midwest, The Omaha Eye & Laser Institute specializes in blade-free Customized iLasik (one of the most advanced forms of fully-customized , bladeless Lasik Laser Vision Correction), Laser cataract surgery with the advanced LenSx laser cataract system and the laser surgical treatment of many other eye diseases. The Omaha Eye & Laser Institute is committed to delivering the best possible care for our patients so you can enjoy clear, crisp distance vision without glasses or contacts. Our focus on advanced laser technology to produce better surgical results and better vision is what truly distinguishes us.

We have highly-experienced and dedicated support staff that focuses exclusively on eye surgery.

Call us today to schedule your complimentary LASIK Consultation: 402-493-2020 or reach us online @


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