Our team

Elena Johaness

As an Ophthalmic Tech for more than 15 years with an associate’s degree in Journalism from Loyola University, writing in the field of eye care seemed like a great fit for me.  I enjoy spending time with my family and healthy living

Robert T. Swift

As a former long-time Ophthalmic sales manager, I have lived and breathed the area of Ophthalmology and Optometry for more than 15 years. My experience allows me great insight into many areas that I am able to write about.

Kathy Laura

As a person with 2 first names, it only seems fitting that I have 2 types of careers.  In the real world, I am an Ophthalmic sales manager for a large company.  I also am a freelance writer that contributes to this and other fine Ophthalmic news sites.

Jane B. Winstone

With a background as an LPN and 18 years of experience in eye care, I love being able to combine my educational background with my passion for writing. 

Luke G. Everdeen

Coming out of college with a degree from Indiana University in Bloomington, led me into the field of eyecare journalism. My father is an Optometrist, so I am sure my knowledge of this niche has helped my interest