Letter to the Editor: Thankful for kindness to support our cause


A LITTLE kindness goes a long, long way.

This is a massive shout out to the lovely guys from P and D Casemaking of Poole, Colin the boss, Chris, Nathan, Dave and Matt.

Me and my husband Jim run a small charity based in Wimborne. Basically we collect money to pay for cataract operations for the neediest Gambians. In our efforts to aid the Eye Health Programme there we have been lucky enough to be gifted some retired NHS ophthalmic equipment.

This is equipment no longer required because it has been superseded and updated by more modern machines. We were given four slit lamps, three tonometers and various other items. These are heavy, large items.

They have to be shipped to The Gambia which is in West Africa and over 3,000 miles away. Sending the items by sea is our only option.

For the second time P D Casemaking of Poole have designed and made us a custom built wooden packing case to send the items in.

They then packed them and helped load them onto the freight truck. They did this no charge. Bless their hearts.

Every bit of his equipment will support the effort there to prevent people losing their sight, their independence and their dignity. Cataracts are curable.

Here in the UK we take for granted that we can have the operation for free.

In the Gambia this is not the case, the operations costs very little but if you do not have the money – you just go blind.

This means that you can no longer take an active part in your community, you cannot leave your compound alone, we understand that it is common to keep children from school to guide the blind, or to mind the very young, once cared for by the elder. It is very sad and oh so unnecessary.

You can see our work on cataractsarecurable.org So P and D Casemaking of Poole a very big thank you, from us and from those who will be helped by your kindness.


Royston Drive, Wimborne


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