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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — “It’s definitely a nuisance with people breathing through their glasses fogging up there masks but I think most people just recognize the need,” Dr. Sloan Rush, Ophthalmologist at Rush Eye Associates, explained the demand for Lasik growing throughout the area.

Rush Eye Associates said there is a growing interest in receiving Lasik, even during a pandemic.

“After everybody’s office reopened people still recognize the value and the importance of their vision and so we’re seeing them come into the office even during the Coronavirus just because your vision is critical to maintaining an active lifestyle,” Dr. Rush stated.

Rush Eye Associates said they do around 1,000 Lasik procedures a year. Although the Coronavirus caused them to close for a couple of months they said it is not slowing them down.

“A lot of people have disease that need to be tended to. This is something that we detect when we do a complete eye exam and so we’re seeing more and more with the advance technology that people even in older age,” Dr. Rush said.

With some of these patients being over the age of 50, the office has adjusted to keep patients safe.

“With the Coronavirus going around we take all the usual precautions. We check peoples temperatures, we do a clean down, scrubbing everything down every time patients change rooms,” Dr. Rush explained.

For those who may not be familiar with the procedure, Dr. Rush stated that most people find getting Lasik is easier than they think.

“Lasik gives them the ability to be independent and free of glasses and contact lenses,” Dr. Rush stated.

The eye correction procedure uses lasers to help people get back or close to 20/20 vision. For those worried about a crowded waiting room, Dr. Rush said they have other options.

“Like a lot of businesses we discovered that we don’t even need a waiting room we can have people wait in their car,” Dr. Rush said.

Dr. Rush stated that they are following current mandates made by the CDC and the City of Amarillo, which includes wearing masks.


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