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June 18, 2021

This paid piece is sponsored by Vance Thompson Vision.

Megan Punt Livingston lives in a cabin nestled on an Oregon mountainside. To access it, she and husband Troy and toddler son Bergan must park two miles from home, and then to cover the remaining miles, they drive a four-wheeler for the first and walk the second.

The Livingstons’ off-grid life is an active one. She’s a yoga instructor who surfs, kayaks and hikes. As a contact lens and glasses wearer, Megan was growing anxious about her vision.

“I was almost paranoid about losing a contact or breaking my glasses,” she said. “Living so far from an optometric clinic means there’s no quick way to get a replacement.”

Megan first learned about LASIK as a kid — she has worn glasses since fourth grade — but her optometrist at the time didn’t believe she was a candidate for the procedure. However, several years ago, while she still lived in Sioux Falls, an eye infection led her to Vance Thompson Vision.

She saw Dr. John Berdahl who mentioned that she was, in fact, an ideal LASIK candidate.

“When he said that, I knew I wanted it someday,” Megan said.

That day came in May when Megan returned to Sioux Falls for LASIK at Vance Thompson Vision. Dr. Thompson himself performed her surgery. The whole experience impressed Megan.

“If you’re doing this, do it with the best. The entire staff is so compassionate and explained everything, even during the procedure,” said Megan, who admits to a few pre-surgery jitters. “Dr. Thompson was so positive and genuine — it puts you at ease and really makes an impression!”

Like most LASIK patients, Megan experienced manageable discomfort the day of her surgery, but by evening she was able to accompany her husband and son to the park. She was even able to drive herself to her follow-up appointment the next day.

“When I took my glasses off before surgery, the nurse pointed out that this was the last time I’d need them. She was right! I can see perfectly and love the freedom from glasses and contacts,” she said.

Ready to experience the same freedom? Call Vance Thompson Vision at 605-361-EYES (3937) to schedule your consultation.


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