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Aug. 13, 2021

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In her own words, Kristin Houg is blessed with cataracts and couldn’t be happier about it.

Years ago, the longtime corrective lens wearer was disappointed to learn she wasn’t a candidate for LASIK. Recently, however, a co-worker had such a positive experience with LASIK at Vance Thompson Vision that Kristin decided to schedule a consultation in hopes that technology, her eyes or both had changed enough to give her the glasses-free life she wanted.

“I like to work outside in my yard, golf and ride motorcycles and snowmobiles with my husband,” Kristin explained. “My glasses always seem to be in my way. They fog up in the winter and slide off my nose in the summer. And they’re so frustrating when wearing a helmet!”

Kristin wore contacts for years, but nearly 15 years ago had to revert to glasses full time as contacts became increasingly uncomfortable. She’d try them on occasion, especially on days when she’d planned a long bike ride, but the lenses never stayed in long.

“The last time I wore contacts was this spring for a bike ride. I only made it to the first stop before I pulled them out and dug my glasses from my bag,” she said.

During her consultation, in spite of her optimism, she could tell that things weren’t going as she’d hoped. LASIK still wasn’t a fit, and there was more: The tests had shown the early onset of cataracts. Kristin, only in her early 50s, shocked doctors when she rejoiced at the news.

“My parents have had cataract surgery, so I knew that it means replacing your natural lens with a new one,” she explained. “The new lens improved their vision so much that they aren’t dependent on their glasses anymore.”

Kristin moved forward with the surgery, upgrading to a premium lens chosen with the help of her surgeon, Dr. Daniel Terveen. The new lens has given her the vision and lifestyle she wanted.

“I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled, with how this turned out!” she said. “The technology and experience at Vance Thompson Vision made it easy to give them all of my confidence. I always knew that if I was going to have something done with my eyes, this is where I’d go.”

Ready to resolve your cataracts? Call Vance Thompson Vision at 605-361-EYES (3937) to schedule your consultation. Vance Thompson Vision has performed more than 100,000 eye procedures and includes locations across the Mid- and Mountain West.


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