Former Kent ophthalmologist Don VanDyke dies at age 95

Former Kent ophthalmologist Don VanDyke dies at age 95


By David E. Dix

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Dr. Don VanDyke, who practiced ophthalmology at his office in Kent for 19 years before moving to Oberlin to join the Oberlin Clinic died on June 22 at the age of 95.

VanDyke and his wife, Mary Louise, were active in the community when they were in Kent serving in numerous capacities in the United Church of Kent and in Rotary. He was instrumental in helping bring the American Field Service program to Kent in the early 1960s and is remembered by those participating in the program who came from Germany, Italy, Denmark, Africa, and England.

The VanDykes continued their community involvement after moving to Oberlin. VanDyke served on the United Church Board of World Ministries and volunteered for half a year at The Rambo Eye Clinic in Mungeli, a village in central India. He also participated in eye clinics in The Dominican Republic and Guatemala. He was presented the Community Service Award for his involvement in Oberlin College and First Church of Oberlin. He was a member of the American Medical Society, the Medical Honor Society Alpha Omega Alpha, Oberlin Alumni Association, Oberlin Business Partnerships, the Oberlin Shansi Memorial Association, Oberlin Rotary, and The Heritage Society. He also played a role in helping bring The Kendal Corporation to Oberlin and was a founding resident moving in at the start in 1993.


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