Fans react to Jameis Winston having Lasik eye surgery


Former FSU quarterback Jameis Winston had Lasik eye surgery it was a comedy show on social media. Check how the fans reacted to the news.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston set a career-high with 33 touchdowns thrown in 2019. The only problem is he also set a career-high with 30 interceptions thrown.

It’s the first time a quarterback has done that in NFL history. The former 2014 No. 1 overall draft pick has had an up and down career playing for an organization that’s made some questionable moves over the years.

He has lacked weapons at wide receiver and hasn’t had much of a run game to support an offense that likes to attack downfield which has forced him to throw the ball A LOT.

However, he’s always had vision issues dating back to his days at FSU where the cameras caught him squinting to see signals from the sidelines. Could his lack of being able to see be a culprit in his propensity to throw so many interceptions?

Nevertheless, fans are social media were full of jokes when the news broke about him having the procedure.

Fan Reaction


Jameis Winston has thrown 121 touchdowns and 88 interceptions in five NFL seasons. He led the league in pass attempts (626), passing yards (5,109) and passing yards average per game (319.3).

There could be something to this as he has played with nearsightedness all five seasons. I had a roommate in college who couldn’t hit a sack of baseballs if you threw them at him. He went to the doctor and found out his vision was awful, got some contacts and was able to make contact at the plate much better than before.

My nephew was the same way. He wasn’t close to hitting some pitches and his hitting has improved tremendously in one year. I know hitting a baseball and throwing passing in the NFL is an apple to oranges comparison. However, being able to see better can’t make things any worse.

Wouldn’t it be crazy if Winston saw his completion percentage increase and had a huge decrease in interceptions thrown? The only question at that point is why’d he wait so long to have it done?


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