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Dr. Jitendra Swarup MD is a well-known ophthalmologist in the Elizabeth City, NC area. His work as an ophthalmologist is highly regarded in the medical community. He has been published several times, has co-authored many articles and he regularly gives lectures on cataract surgery and inter-ocular lens implantation. He is the owner of Albemarle Eye Center and Precision Eye Care. Precision Eye Care is an eye center with several locations across North Carolina and has top of the line facilities.

Jitendra Swarup MD is a world class ophthalmologist, eye surgeon, businessman, philanthropist, and family man. He studied medicine at the prestigious Howard University, in Washington D.C. He served as chief resident during his time at the Sinai Hospital in Detroit. During this time, he was involved in brand new trials that resulted in the FDA approval of the Eximer Laser in 1993. He has been performing LASIK surgery since 1996 when it was first introduced.

Dr. Jitendra Swarup MD specializes in laser, no stich cataract removal surgery, laser surgery for diabetic eye disease, glaucoma surgery, and oculoplastic surgery in therapeutic and cosmetic cases. He is the only doctor in eastern North Carolina who offers cataract removal using a top-of-the-line laser, called the LenSx femtosecond laser.

Dr. Swarup not only specializes in eye care, but also provides cosmetic surgeries and treatments to his patients. He believes deeply in patient care and strives to provide each patient with care that shows the utmost respect. Patient care goes beyond bedside manner, for Dr Jitendra Swarup, it is also staying ahead of the curve on advanced technologies to provide patients with the best outcomes and fastest recovery times.

Not only is Dr. Jitendra Swarup a world class doctor and surgeon, but he is also a phenomenal businessman. He owns two eye centers, Albemarle Eye Care Center and Precision Eye Care Center. They currently have 6 locations with several more in the works. These locations include Edenton, Elizabeth City, Kinston, Kitty Hawk, Nags Head, and Washington, NC.

The best part about Dr Swarup, besides his amazing detail to patient care, is his philanthropy work. Knowing what it is like to struggle for money while being in school and trying to better himself, Dr Jitendra Swarup wanted to ensure that a junior student didn’t have to go through that. Dr. Swarup was fortunate enough to have received a scholarship, taking some of the burden off of his shoulders, and he wanted to give that same opportunity to a student. So, he started the Suman Swarup Scholarship, named after his mother. This scholarship gave a junior student the opportunity to attend college without the worry of money weighing down on them.

All around, Dr. Jitendra Swarup is the best ophthalmologist and doctor in eastern North Carolina. From his kind heart, to his ability to stay on the up-and-up when it comes to the newest procedures and practices, Dr. Swarup sure knows what he is doing. Be sure to check out Dr. Jitendra Swarup MD today if you are in need of eye care.

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