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First Posted: Feb 26, 2021 09:17 PM EST

LASIK surgery has become one of the most common procedures in the US. Because of its popularity, there are a lot of myths about it. Therefore, it’s vital to understand this procedure’s truth and fiction to know what you’re getting into. Fortunately, Dr. Gulani, one of Jacksonville LASIK surgery doctors, can give you more information about it. 

 What’s LASIK?

It’s a corrective eye procedure that fixes the cornea’s shape resulting in clarity in vision. Your cornea helps you to focus light, which enables you to view images. When its shape is irregular, you may suffer from vision problems such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. LASIK surgery is conducted through a laser that reshapes the cornea to eliminate vision problems.

Here are the misconceptions you need to know about the surgery:

1. LASIK Causes Blindness

The thought of going blind may be terrifying. Unfortunately, this is one of the popular myths about LASIK that some people are spreading. Furthermore, they claim that its blindness is usually extreme. However, most people who have undergone this procedure say that its side effects are temporary and mild. 

Vision loss is a complication that may arise from this procedure. However, it’s very rare. Luckily, people who suffer blindness after a LASIK surgery can have them corrected. Moreover, only people with granular corneal dystrophy are likely to be blind from LASIK surgery. If you have this condition, your cornea may be damaged during surgery.

You can determine whether you have this condition by performing a gene test. This procedure involves giving a cheek swab to a surgeon to prevent extensive testing and pain.

2. The Corneal Flap Doesn’t Heal

For your cornea to be shaped, your surgeon has to access it. To do this, he has to develop a corneal flap, but once you’re done with the surgery, the flap will be laid back to its original position to heal. It’ll heal a day after the surgery, though you may experience some mild complications. However, research indicates that such difficulties have been reported in under 1% OF patients. That means it’s scarce. 

3. After LASIK Surgery, You’ll Not Require Corrective Lenses

People who go for LASIK hope it’ll eliminate their need for corrective lenses. However, some refractive errors may develop after the surgery. If this happens, you’ll still require corrective lenses to see clearly. You can either wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, depending on your preference. However, if you have dry or irritated eyes, eyeglasses are the best fit for you. 

4. LASIK Is Too Painful

No individual likes to undergo pain. That’s why they do everything they can to avoid it. One popular misconception is that LASIK surgery is excruciating. However, this isn’t the case because before undergoing the operation, your surgeon will administer anesthetic eye drops to keep you from feeling pain during the procedure. The drops will numb your eyes. 

During the surgery, you may feel a little pressure that doesn’t cause pain and only lasts for a minute or less. Other surgery parts may make you feel some sensations will aren’t painful.


LASIK misconceptions are always popular because of individuals who don’t know much about the procedure. However, your doctor can be a great source of facts about LASIK. They’ll also advise you on whether you should take it or not. 

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