Dana’s Diary – My LASIK Eye Surgery Journey


Well…Today is the day! After this morning, I will no longer have to wear my glasses or contacts!! Can I just tell you how excited I am?!? I have been thinking about having LASIK corrective eye surgery for years and am finally doing it.

To be honest, I was always a little afraid and just over all nervous about this surgery…It’s my EYES!! I know ton of people who have had it done and they all LOVE it, but still, it was still a big decision for me.

What ultimately led me to this decision was talking to Dr. Maboudi, my Ophthalmologist at Dr, Griffin and Reed. She made me feel so comfortable and with all her years of experience, I know I am in good hands.

I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow for the first time in over 20 years and NOT reach for my glasses!

Continue to check back for my story as I navigate this new, clear world! Please visit lasikworld.com for more information about LASIK and complete eye care.


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