Cataract Surgery Costs

With many people having no health insurance, it is understandable that consumers would like to know if cataract cost cutting surgery is available. For individuals who have no health insurance the average price for cataract surgery costs can range anywhere from $3000-$4000. Costs are generally lower in the mid and southern parts of the country and most expensive in the East and West. Consumers should remember that the above figure is just the basic cost and the final cost depends on severity of the cataract, type of surgery, choice of lens, cost of anesthesia and medications.

Today, many ophthalmologists who have set cataracts surgery cost which includes the consultation, operation and fee for anesthesia. The average cataract surgery costs are about $3500. The cost of cataract surgery also varies from surgeon to surgeon and from city to city. Always avoid a surgeon who does not offer you a fixed price or avoids telling you a price. Before you sign on for any surgery, make sure that there will be no additional fees for medications, recovery room stay or the first postoperative clinic visit. If you do a diligent search, you can get an eye doctor who can perform cataract surgery for around $3-$4,000.

Finally, even though the price of cataract surgery is not in your hands, take your time to pick a good eye doctor. Cataract surgery is generally safe but complications do occur all the time. First, talk to people and even write to the local state board for eye doctors round you. Make sure that the doctor you choose is board certified and has experience doing cataracts surgery. If ever in doubt, seek a second opinion.

In North America, Medicare and most health insurance plans do cover cataract surgery. You can always call up the insurance company to find out what is covered and what is not. If you have health insurance or Medicare coverage, the costs of cataract surgery is relatively cheap and you will only end up paying the deductible. Remember, Medicare and many health insurance plans only pay for the most basic intraocular lenses; if you choose to have advanced lenses, then you will be responsible for the extra money.

While some people may be thinking of going abroad for cataract surgery, this is definitely not recommended. While one may get cheaper surgery in Thailand or India, it does cost at least $1500 in airfare to get there. Moreover, if there is a complication(s) or a problem, there is no way one can go back. Cataract surgery is too delicate to have it done abroad and have no follow up.

Fortunately, most doctors can arrange some type of financing so that you can have your surgery despite cataract cost cutting measures by the government.