Corneal cross-linking, robotics, top OSN cover stories


September 04, 2021

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Corneal cross-linking and the potential of robotics are the topics of the best performing cover stories so far in 2021.

Read the five best-performing cover stories from the first 8 months of the year below:

US corneal cross-linking specialists aim to bridge ‘the innovation gap’ with Europe

Since its approval in 2016, corneal cross-linking has been gradually gaining popularity in the U.S. Reimbursement issues have been largely overcome, and the procedure is now covered by most insurance companies. Read more.

‘Enormous’ potential of robotics opens door to next revolution in eye surgery

Ophthalmology is one of the most technology-driven branches of medicine, and most key advances in the field have relied on devices rather than drugs. Now, robots and artificial intelligence are poised to be part of an impending revolution. Read more.

Pediatrics Section Round Table: Cyclogyl shortage, pediatric myopia

Cyclopentolate is a key ingredient in Cyclogyl, an ophthalmic solution used for cycloplegic refraction during an eye examination. It is also currently in short supply, according to the FDA. Read more.

How to address astigmatism during cataract surgery

Correcting astigmatism is an important part of cataract surgery, especially as the goals of modern cataract surgery have evolved to mirror that of refractive surgery, responding to heightened expectations of patients. Read more.

Supply and demand: Navigating the future of ophthalmology

Individuals older than age 65 years consume 10 times the amount of eye care compared with those younger than 65 years. Read more.


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