Bright future for Graham after eye op


The world for loss assessor Graham Bye had become a little duller during lockdown as the cataract in his eye worsened. But now the world is looking brighter thanks to an operation at Practice Plus Group, Devizes.

Graham, from Bratton, could not see into the road before his operation.

He explained: “I knew the sight in my eye was deteriorating but I didn’t want to visit an optician during the first lockdown. I have significant respiratory issues and had been shielding. When we came out of lockdown I visited the optician – my eyesight was so poor that he stopped the examination and immediately referred me for the operation”.

Mr Bye looked at the waiting times for NHS treatment in the county and he discovered that the waiting times at Devizes Surgical Centre were significantly lower than any other hospital.

He said: “I was delighted at the centre. I had obvious concerns about exposure to COVID-19 but I was reassured by the robust procedures they had in place, including the swab testing station.

“Everyone was nice, friendly and very professional and I was put at ease. It really was faultless and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needed treatment”.

Now Mr Bye is enjoying clearer, brighter vision and can even return to using reading glasses rather than his previous bifocal prescription. “The television picture is much clearer and now I can see the length of the road – and even read the number plates on the cars. It really is very impressive and I couldn’t be happier”.

In addition to cataract surgery, the team at the centre also carry out a wide range of surgical procedures that deal with the eye socket, eyelids, tear ducts and face.

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