Barenburg Eye Associates Helps Patients Improve Their Quality Of Life


By Zach Sparks

Blurry vision can lead to issues with work, hobbies, driving, exercise and other activities. At Barenburg Eye Associates, doctors offer routine eye exams, treatment and management of eye diseases, as well as cataract surgery, to help patients improve their daily lives.

Dr. Mark Gordon purchased the established, four-location Barenburg family practices in 1980. His daughter, Dr. Shoshana Cohen, joined the practice in 1996, specializing in contact lenses, pediatrics, and glaucoma treatment and co-management. In 1999, Dr. Mark Gordon’s son, Dr. Joshua Gordon, joined the family practice, specializing in the treatment of dry eye and ocular surface disease, as well as hard-to-fit contact lenses.

The newest member of the staff, Dr. Clarke Nelson, joined Barenburg Eye Associates in August 2021. His specialty is cataract surgery.

“People really do have a tremendous quality of life after getting the surgery, so that’s what drew me to it,” said Nelson, who earned a bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University and two doctorate degrees from the University of Connecticut.

Nelson most recently worked at the Veterans Affairs office in Orlando, Florida, and completed a three-year residency program in ophthalmology at Howard University Hospital in Washington, D.C.

Barenburg Eye Associates now gives him the chance to return near his birthplace of Annapolis and form long-term relationships with patients.

“Most of the [eye] practices are now run by private equity firms. Barenburg has more of a family feel,” Nelson said. “I got into this field because I wanted to be someone’s doctor. Here, there is more freedom to practice the art of medicine.”

Cataracts affect the lens in the eye. As a person ages, that lens gets cloudier. Although cataracts are most often found in people over age 55, each person will develop a cataract if they live long enough.

During cataract surgery, the eye’s natural lens is removed and replaced with a plastic lens.

“It’s like getting a window replacement,” Nelson said. “You see better right away. It’s a fairly simple surgery.”

Surgery takes only 15 to 20 minutes. Additionally, Nelson offers drop-less cataract surgery, which potentially eliminates the usual eye drop treatments typically associated with cataract surgery. Nelson’s general advice to patients is to take a few days off of work and refrain from exercising.

“It’s a straightforward procedure,” Nelson said.

Whether a patient is getting cataract surgery or treating another problem, such as a diabetic eye disease or macular degeneration, Barenburg accepts most insurance plans including Aetna, CareFirst BCBS, Cigna, Cigna HealthSpring, Medicare, Medstar and United Health Care. Accepted Medicaid plans include Amerigroup, March Vision, Maryland Physicians Care, Priority Partners and others. Barenburg also accepts routine vision plans including Superior Vision, Davis Vision, EyeMed and Vision Service Plan (VSP).

Barenburg Eye Associates has five locations, inlcuding the Pasadena office at 8556 Fort Smallwood Road, Suite A. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00am-4:30pm. To learn more, contact the Pasadena office at 410-437-4440 or visit

“Patients will say, ‘I can’t believe I didn’t do this earlier,’” Nelson said. “People really do feel an increase in the joy in their life. As a doctor, that’s what you live for.”


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