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KUWAIT: Easa Karm from AUB’S CSR team (center) with Khalil Al-Hamadi and Ahmed Al-Bayah from the Humanitarian Excellence Association in Somalia.

KUWAIT: As part of its CSR program and in support of its charitable and humanitarian role, Ahli United Bank (AUB) sponsored 100 cataract surgeries in Somalia in partnership with the humanitarian excellence association. This initiative will help patients restore their vision and enable them to live a normal life. AUB took a step further and will also cover the post-surgery medical care expenses.

Commenting on this humanitarian initiative, Sahar Dashti, General Manager Customer Protection, and the Head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Team at AUB said in a press release, “this is a noble initiative that would change the lives of 100 persons in Somalia by restoring their vision, and to help them live a better life and bring them joy that would extend to their families.”

Dashti stressed that AUB, through its CSR program, exerts all its effort to help needy people wherever they are, based on its belief that the community development responsibility has no geographical boundaries, pointing out that satisfying people’s needs and being kind to them is one of the greatest acts of charity and good deeds.

Dashti pointed out that AUB has been briefed on the cataract surgeries project adopted by the Humanitarian Excellence Association in Somalia, and after adequate study, the bank decided to provide this support due to its importance in reviving hope in the life of dozens of needy families in the Somali society, many of whose members face living difficulties and multiple health issues.

In conclusion, Dashti said that AUB has a solid partnership relations with many charitable organizations, some of which are active in Kuwait among needy families and other groups, while others are specialized in various developments of relief and treatment projects abroad.


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