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1800 Contacts offers a wide variety of contact brands and options. As an added service, a person can use the company’s eye exams to renew their prescription and order new contacts.

This article discusses 1800 Contacts, how to use its eye exam, and the pros and cons of this service.

1800 Contacts has accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which gives the company an A+ grade. However, reviewers on the BBB’s website rate 1800 Contacts 1.85 stars out of 5 overall.

Several customers stated they received the wrong order and had to send their purchases back. However, most users reported that they had heard back from 1800 Contacts, which offered to correct the errors and, in some cases, provided discounts on future purchases.

The company has mixed reviews on TrustPilot, with almost equal numbers of 5- and 1-star ratings. Positive reviews mention that 1800 Contacts offers good service and provides a convenient way to shop for contacts at a lower price.

However, negative reviews state that its service is inconvenient, shipping was slow, and customers received incorrect orders.

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1800 Contacts sells a large selection of contact lenses from different brands online. To order, a person needs a valid contact lens prescription.

Once individuals select the brand and type of contacts they require, they need to upload their prescription and health insurance information. The company then processes their health insurance and provides any discounts at the checkout stage.

Finally, a person needs to enter their billing and shipping information, where they can use their Family Savings Account or Health Savings Account to pay for their items.

Please note, the writer has not tested these products. All information is research-based.

The 1800 Contacts eye exam is a service the company offers to people with expired prescriptions or those who require an updated prescription. It is not possible to use this service without a previous prescription.

This exam involves a licensed optometrist, who assesses a person’s sight. However, this service is not a comprehensive exam — individuals requiring a full eye exam should schedule one with their eye doctor.

Before taking the test, a person needs to answer a series of eye health-related questions, which help determine if they are eligible for the service’s eye exam. If 1800 Contacts states this service is not suitable, individuals should contact their optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam.

If a person is eligible for the company’s eye exam, they will need to take pictures of their eyes. The doctor assessing the exam will use the images to look for signs of eye irritation.

The vision test itself requires an individual to stand 10 feet away from their device. Similar to an in-person examination, the device will display letters for them to read aloud.

The final step involves entering information from a previous prescription. The test takes about 10 minutes, and a new prescription is ready within 24 hours.

What a person needs

To use the online exam, a person needs:

  • a computer or smartphone
  • driver’s license or credit card to calibrate the screen
  • their previous prescription

At the time of publishing, the service costs $20.

The following are some potential pros and cons of the eye exam service from 1800 Contacts.


The potential pros of using 1800 Contacts for a vision test include:

  • convenience — a person can use the service anywhere in the United States
  • low cost
  • quick — people can acquire new prescriptions within 24 hours


However, the 1800 Contacts eye exam may not suit everyone’s needs. Potential disadvantages of the service are that it:

  • not being a comprehensive exam — people at risk for eye disease should still attend regular eye appointments
  • will not detect any new, potentially severe eye conditions
  • does not provide a prescription for glasses, only contact lenses

People looking for an online prescription renewal service may wish to check out offerings from similar companies. The following are other online eye exams that can check a persons’ vision, but note that they do not replace comprehensive exams:

  • Lensabl: Uses Visibly to test a person’s eyesight and provide a renewed prescription in 24 hours.
  • CVS: The pharmacy’s website offers a similar online prescription renewal service that allows people to update their current prescriptions.
  • ContactsDirect: Offers a similar eye exam service to 1800 Contacts. However, only people in certain states are eligible for the service.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that 11 million people over the age of 12 years in the United States need corrective lenses. The eye exam service from 1800 Contacts may offer a suitable solution for those with basic prescription needs and not at risk of developing more severe eye conditions.

However, one of the main disadvantages of this service is that it cannot detect early signs of conditions such as glaucoma or cataracts. A comprehensive vision examination can check for eye conditions that can lead to blindness, including:

The American Optometrist Association (AOA) recommends all people undergo regular comprehensive eye examinations. Adults aged up to 64 years should have a thorough eye examination at least once every 2 years or yearly if they are at high risk of eye conditions. Those aged 65 years and older should have an exam at least once a year or sooner.

People who wear contact lenses are at higher risk of developing eye conditions. The CDC states that individuals who wear their contact lenses for too long or do not care for their lenses correctly are at higher risk of keratitis, where the cornea becomes inflamed. In severe cases, this condition can lead to blindness or the need for a corneal transplant.

The AOA states that, in addition to wearing contact lenses, the following are signs that a person is at high risk of developing eye conditions that can lead to blindness:

  • having other underlying health conditions
  • belonging to certain ethnicities
  • having a personal or family history of eye conditions
  • having functional vision in one eye only
  • high or progressive refractive errors
  • injury or surgery to the eyes
  • other eye-related health concerns

Individuals should not use the 1800 Contacts test service to replace a comprehensive eye examination. The company’s eye exam can only update a contact lens prescription and cannot diagnose any eye conditions.

Protecting eye and vision health

The CDC recommends people take the following measures to maintain their eye health:

  • eating a nutritious diet
  • wearing sunglasses when outdoors
  • reviewing their family eye history with their doctor
  • resting eyes regularly when using computers, phones, or tablets
  • having regular eye exams
  • touching their contacts with clean hands only
  • wearing eye protection
  • maintaining a moderate weight
  • maintaining blood sugar levels

Additionally, individuals can reduce the risk of developing eye infections with the following steps when looking after their contact lenses:

  • never sleeping with contact lenses in the eyes
  • thoroughly washing hands before and after touching the eyes or contact lenses
  • keeping contact lenses away from water
  • cleaning contact lenses with fresh solution each day

If a person believes their eyesight may have changed, they should see an eye doctor for an examination as soon as possible.

1800 Contacts offers an online eye exam for people to renew their contacts prescription. The service takes 10 minutes and provides results within 24 hours from a licensed optometrist. Once individuals receive their updated prescriptions, they can purchase new contacts.

Although this service from 1800 Contacts is convenient, people should not use this exam to replace a comprehensive eye examination. The test cannot check a person’s eye health or diagnose any eye conditions.


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